Media outlet: Forbes.com
Location: blogs.forbes.com/.../10-reasons-you-shouldnt-skip-a-home-ins...
Journalist/Taken from Investopedia post
Subject: 10 reasons you should not skip a home inspection
Interview/Published: 5/23/11

Media outlet: Inc. Magazine
Location: www.inc.com
Journalist: Darren Dahl, Contributing Editor
Subject: 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business
Published: 5/19/11 

Media outlet: Huffington Post
Location: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jodi-r-r-smith/office-etiquette-_b_869124.html
Journalist: Jodi R.R. Smith
Subject: "The top ten things your boss will never tell you but wishes you knew"
Interview/Published: 5/23/11

The Top Ten Things Your Boss Will Never Tell You But Wishes You Knew
Huffington Post
... prefer not tell their employees and consultants who enlighten managers on such delicate communications: Tom Armour, Chantay Bridges, Marlene Caroselli, ...
Media outlet:  CNN.com
Location: http://www.cnn.com/2011/LIVING/06/22/responsibilities.manger.cb/index.html
Journalist: Beth Braccio Hering  Career Builder.com
Subject: Manager's job--what you don't know?
Interview/Published: 6/22/11
Media outlet:  USA Today
Location: http://www.usatoday.com
Journalist: Sandra Block
Subject: Retiree's home equity
Interview/Published: 7/6/11
Media outlet: FOX Business
Location: http://www.foxbusiness.com
Journalist: Michael Estrin
Subject: Please lease me: 7 tips for renters
Interviewed/Published: 8/12/11


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Please Lease Me: 7 Tips for Renters
Fox Business
To improve your chances of getting your deposit returned, Chantay Bridges, a real estate specialist with Clear Choice Realty & Associates in Los Angeles, ...

Media outlet: Investopedia.com
Location: http://financialedge.investopedia.com
Journalist: Stephanie Christensen
Subject: 10 reasons you should not skip a home inspection
Interview/Published: 5/20/11

Media outlet: Fiscal Times
Location: http://www.thefiscaltimes.com
Journalist/Contact: Steve Yoder
Subject: Impact of downsizing
Interview/Published: 7/19/11

Media outlet: San Francisco Chronicle.com
Journalist/Contact: Stephanie Christensen, provided by Description: http://imgs.sfgate.com/graphics/investopedia/investopedia_articles.gif
Subject: 10 Reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection
Interview/Published: 5/20/11

 Media outlet: inVocus.com
Location: www.vocus.com/.../five-real-estate-publications-get-thumbs-u... 
Journalist: Katrina M. Mendolera, Editor in Chief
Subject: Five real Estate publications Realtors love the most
Published: 5/22/11 
Article: Five real estate publications get thumbs up from agents - inVocus ...
Realty Times: Offering the latest news, advice and market conditions, ... for Los Angeles-based Clear Choice Realty & Associates, in an email interview. ...
Media outlet: Business Info Guide.com
Location: businessinfoguide.com/round-up-entrepreneurs-share-what-th...
Journalist: Stephanie Chandler
Subject: Entrepreneurs share what they would do differently if starting businesses today
Interview/Published: 5/25/2011

·  Round-Up: Entrepreneurs Share What They Would Do Differently if Starting Businesses Today
Here’s a round-up article with contributions from across the U.S. Participants answered the following question: If you were starting your business over today, what would you do differently? One thing I would dodifferently if I were starting my business today would be to make my first hire sooner. Operating on shoestring (and a broken [...]

Media outlet: CNBC.com
Location: CNBC on-line    
Journalist: Cindy Perman  cindy.perman@gmail.com
Subject: "Spring Cleaning your finances"
Interview/Published: 3/22/2011 

Time For Spring Cleaning Your Finances
Chantay Bridges, a real-estate agent in Los Angeles, and her spouse have always been diligent about their finances but a recent death in the family, and subsequent conversations about was there a will, what would happen to the kids, etc., ...
See all stories on this topic »
Media outlet: Mint.com   
Location: http://www.mint.com/blog/how-to/advice-renting-out-your-home/
Journalist: Stephanie Taylor Christensen
Subject: "5 things you must consider before renting out your home"
Interview/Published: 5/9/11    

Media outlet: Readers Digest
Location: www.mybestyou.com
Journalist/Contact: Michelle Crouch
Subject: Request: What would you never do again?
Interview/Published: 8/01/11

Media outlet: 365 Days of Start ups.com
Location: Story by cbridges /http://www.365daysofstartups.com/experts/business-question-of-the-week/story/238
Journalist: Laura Petrolino
Subject: "How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?"
Interview/Published: 5/31/2011  Your story has been published at Business Insights

Media outlet: MSN Careers
Location: http://msn.careerbuilder.com
Journalist: Beth Braccio Hering
Subject: "Surpises waiting at the top":What nobody will tell you about being a manager
Published: 6/7/11

Media outlet: Smart Entrepreneur's Resources.com
Location: http://smartentrepreneursrsources.com/is-now-the-time-to-buy/
Journalist: Martucci
Subject: Is now the time to buy?
Article/Published:  5/19/11
Media outlet: Yahoo! Finance
Location: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/10-reasons-skip-home-investopediawp-2454388575.html...
Journalist: (Taken from Investopedia)
Subject: 10 reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection
Article/Published:  5/25/11

Media outlet: Andrew Hudson's Job List.com
Location: http://andrewhudsonsjobslist.com/index.cfm?PID=805&id=7723,27131,0

Subject: A career in sales - Myths and realities
Article/Published:  5/23/11

Media outlet: My Fox LA.com
Location: myfoxla.com
Subject: Nominated 2011 Best Realtor
Published: Contest over 3/2012

Media outlet: Debt-free-diva.com
Location: on-line
Journalist: Charity Cason
Subject: Paying Off Credit Card Debt
Interview/Published: 4/14/2011 

Media outlet: Medical Office Today Magazine.com
Location: http://www.medicalofficetoday.com
Journalist: Daniel Casciato, freelance reporter
Subject: Dissecting the Lease: Restoration Clauses
Interview/Published: 6/12/2011

Media outlet: Security News Daily.com
Location:  Don't Tip Off Thieves When You're Out of Town  /www.securitynewsdaily.com
Journalist: Sue Marquetta Poremba, Security News Daily Contributor
Subject: Don't tip off thieves when you're out of town
Interview/Published: 6/3/11

Don't Tip Off Thieves When You're Out of Town
... or on a consistent manner," said Chantay Bridges,
 senior real estate specialist with Clear Choice Realty & Associates in Beverly Hills, Calif. ...

Media outlet: Miss Perfect Woman Magazine.com
Location:  http://missperfectwoman.com/?p=809
Journalist: Vinil Ramdev, Chief Editor
Subject: Found money in your new house?  Give it or keep it?
Interview/Published: 5/27/11
Found money in your new house? Give it or Keep it?
admin / May 27, 2011 / No Comment
Recently, yahoo news broke out a story of a man in Salt Lake City (USA) who found money in a house he just bought. Josh Ferrin, the man who found the money decided to give it back.
been kind enough to return certainly would have been put to good use.”
Chantay Bridges, real estate agent in Los Angeles, California says...
 Media outlet: Help me rent magazine.com
Location: http://www.helpmerentmagazine.com
Journalist: (Taken from Mint.com)
Subject: 5 things you must consider before renting out your home
Interview/Published: 5/22/11

10 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip a Home Inspection
San Francisco Chronicle
.. or did not follow code, according to Chantay Bridges of Clear Choice Realty & Associates. 

Media outlet: California Real Estate magazine, the publication of California Association of Realtors
Location: 601 W. Belden Ave. Chicago, IL 60614
Journalist: Elyse UmlaufSubject: The challenges first-time buyers are facing
Published/Article: 4/29/11/(The article will post in their August 2011 edition)/Pending
Media outlet: Yahoo! Noticias
Location: http://mx.noticias.yahoo.com/10-reasons-shouldn't -skip-home-inspection-
Journalist: Taken from Investopedia
Subject: 10 reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection
Interview/Published/Article: 5/31/11 
Media outlet: AOL.com
Location: http://aol.careerbuilder.com/Article/CB-2397-Sales-Marketing-What-nobody-will-tell-you
Journalist: Taken from Careerbuilder
Subject: What nobody will tell you about being a manager


Media outlet: WISE Magazine
Location: www.wisemagazine.org
Journalist: Rhonda Mouton 
Subject: What does it mean to dress for success?
Interview/Published: 4/7/2011 

 Media outlet: Story for Bankrate.com
Location: sladika@tampabay.rr.com/ www.susanladika.com
Journalist: Susan Ladika, Writer & Editor
Subject: Pros & Cons of homeowners leaving $ in an escrow impound account for taxes and insurance
Interviewed/Published: 5/6/11  Pending

Media outlet: Hype Media Global, Inc.
Location: Radio   www.hypemediaglobal.com
Journalist: Stephanie R. Walkes, Lifestyle Coach & Host/Ruben, Host/Shaquilla Nicole Smith, TV Show
Subject: Topic:  "Up Close & Personal with Chantay Bridges"
Interview/Published:  Two radio interviews for Real Estate Series 2010/Radio links on website
9/25/2010 Stephanie Walkes - Real Estate Investment Series, interviewing Chantay Bridges
8/12/2010 Ruben /Community Central Radio - "Up close and personal w/Chantay Bridges"

Media outlet: Business.directiontrend.com
Location: http://business.directiontrend.com/is-now-the-time-to-buy/
Journalist: Ws Huser.
ct: Is Now the time to buy?
Article/Published:  5/22/11

Media outlet: Mannersmith.com
Location: http://www.mannersmith.com/resources/isue.cfm?id=106
Journalist: (Taken from Industry News)
Subject: The top ten things your boss will never tell you but wished you knew"
Article/Published:  5/2011

Media outlet: Hearpreneur.com
Location: http://hearpreneur.com/ask/2011/04/12/entrepreneurs-whos-your-favorite-entrepreneur/
Subject: Entrepreneurs who do you look up to?
Article/Published:  4/16/2011

Media outlet: BRIDES
Location: Condé Nast Publications 4 Times Square, 8th Floor New York, NY 10036
Journalist: Jennifer Cress, Editorial Assistant
Subject: Married/Engaged women for magazine survey "How did you know he was the one?"
Interview/Published: Pending
Media outlet: Home Run Homes.com
Location: http://blogging.lease2buy.com/2011/05/common-code-violations-found-by-home.html
Journalist: Robert Eisenstein
Subject: Why should baby boomers buy a home in your town?
Interview/Published: 4/2011
Media outlet: Essence.com
Location: www.community.essence.com/groups/girlfriends
Journalist: Website post picture of Chantay Bridges & Lisa Pierce
Subject: Girlfriends Appreciation Day!
Interview/Published: 4/15/2011
Description: Download Comment b...doc (64.0 KB)    

CHANTAY BRIDGES's Page - Essence.com
CHANTAY BRIDGES's Page on Essence.com. ... CHANTAY BRIDGES. Female; Beverly Hills, CA; United States. Share · Share on Twitter · Share on Facebook ...
Media outlet: Home Inspector Miami & MC2Home Inspections.com
Location: http://homeinspectiormiami.com/home-inspector/10-reasons-you-shouldnt-skip-a-home-inspection
Journalist: Home Inspector Miami.com
Subject: 10 Reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection
Interview/Published: 5/22/2011
Media outlet: Infotrade.com
Location: http://blogfurkangul.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/10-questions-to-ask-before-buying-a-business
Journalist: Altocumulusfloccus
Subject: 10 Questions to ask before buying a business
Published:  5/22/11

Media outlet: Brand Maker News
Location: http://brandmakernews.com/business-brand/entrepreneur/7647/whos-your-ultimate-business-mentor.html
Journalist: Tia Jackson
Subject: Who's your ultimate business mentor?
Article/Published:  8/16/11 

Media outlet: Ashworth Community.com
Location: http://community.ashworthcollege.edu/community/career-services/blog/2011/06/09/surprise...
Journalist: Career services dept.
Subject: Surprises waiting at the top: What nobody will tell you about being a manger
Article/Published:  6/9/11

Media outlet: JFL Consulting, Inc.com
Location: http://www.jflcounsultinginc.om/news/
Journalist: (Taken from CNBC.com)
Subject: Time for spring cleaning your finances
Article/Published:  3/22/11

Media outlet: Real Estate Global Network.com
Location:  http://www.realstateglobalnetwork.com/profiles/blogs/common-code-violations-found
Journalist: (Taken from Home Run Homes)
Subject: Common code violations found by home inspectors
Article/Published:  5/5/11

Media outlet: Industry-News.org
Location: http://industry-news.org/2011/05/31/jodi-r-r-smith-the-top-ten-things-your-boss-will-never-t...
Journalist: Jodi R. R. Smith
Subject: The top ten things your boss will never tell you but wishes you knew
Article/Published:  5/31/11

Media outlet: Global Advisors
Location: http://www.globaladvisors.biz/inc-feed/20110519/is-now-the-time-to-buy
Subject: Is now the time to buy?

Media outlet: Liquida.com
Location: http://www.liquida.com/search/chantay-bridges/
Journalist: (Taken from Mint Life Blog)
Subject: 5 things to consider before renting out your home
Article/Published:  5/9/11

Media outlet: SMS Masterminds Industry Blog
Location: http://smsmasterminds.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/10-questions-to-ask-before-buying-a-bus...
Journalist: (Taken from Inc/Infotrade)
Subject: 10 Questions to ask before buying a business
Article/Published:  6/7/11

Media outlet: Real Estate Open Networkers.ning
Location: http://realestateopennetworkers.ning.com/profiles/blogs/common-code-violations-found
Subject: Common code violations found by home inspectors
Article/Published:  5/5/11
Media outlet: Olympia home inspection/SGA Inspection Services.com
Journalist: (Taken from article)
Subject: Ten Reasons to get a home inspection
Article/Published:  5/2011

Media outlet: Ladies Home Journal
Location: www.kennethmiller.net
Journalist: Kenneth Miller c/o Editor
Subject: "Why won't kids go to church"
Interview/Published: 4/29/11, Pending

Media outlet: eLocal Blog
Location: http//www.elocal.com/how-can-homeowners-prevent-damage-from-natural-diasters
Journalist: Pablo Solomon
Subject: "What can homeowners do to prevent damage from weather/natural disasters?
Interview/Published: 6/23/11

 Media outlet: Bril-yuhnt.com
Location: http://brilyuhnt.com/city_system/news/lisbon/2011/05/20/is-mow-the-time-to-buy/
Subject: Is now the time to buy?
Interview/Published: 5/20/2011 
Media outlet: Medical Office Today.com
Location: http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/10-reasons-skip-home-investopediawp-2454388575.html...
Journalist: (Investopedia article)
Subject: 10 reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection
Article/Published:  5/25/11

Media outlet: Zimbio.com
Location: http://www.zimbio.com/Rent-to-own-and-lease-purchase-homes/articles/aK0dTgX4bh...
Journalist: (Taken from Home run Homes blog)
Subject: Why should baby boomers move to your town?
Article/Published:  4/13/11 
Media outlet: Real Pike.com
Location: http://www.realpike.com/owner-resources/maintenance-checklist
Subject: Don't tip off thieves when you are out of town
Article/Published:  6/3/11

Media outlet: Gets Topic
Location: http://getstopic.com/mangers-job-what-you-dont-know-178297.html
Subject: Managers job--what you don't know
Article/Published:  6/23/11

Media outlet: Creative Real Estate Daily
Location: creativerealestatedaily.com
Journalist/Contact: TC McClenning
Subject: Request: Contributor for the magazine
Interview/Published: 7/01/11 Pending

Media outlet: Recent Business News
Location: www.ourbusinessnews.com/tag/chantay-bridges/
Subject: How to find rental property: Get your deposit back
Interview/Published: 8/13/11 (Taken from Fox Business article)

Media outlet:
Journalist/Contact: Lisa Iannucci
Subject: Request: Why luxury homes are selling
Interview/Published: 7/11/11

Media outlet:
Journalist/Contact: Michael J. Estrin
Subject: Request: Apartment hunting tips
Interview/Published: 7/07/11

Media outlet:  Susan Solovic on "It's Your Biz"
Location: www.itsyourbiz.com
Journalist/Contact: Susan Solovic
Subject: Asked Susan small business questions
Interview/Published: 8/08/11

Media outlet:
Journalist/Contact: Sandra Block
Subject: Request: Retiree Home Equity
Interview/Published: 7/06/11

Media outlet: Mainstreet
Location: www.mainstreet.com
Journalist/Contact: Heather Larson
Subject: Home Security
Interview/Published: 8/05/11

Media outlet: Work Wise
Journalist/Contact: Mildred L. Culp, Ph.D.
Subject: Why employers turn people down
Interview/Published: 2011 - Provided action shot w/T. Gosetti

Media outlet:
Journalist/Contact: Kevin Kemes
Subject: Request: The Best Interview Tips
Interview/Published: 6/20/11

Media outlet: Glamour Underground
Journalist/Contact: Tara Hanrahan
Subject: Request: Tips on finding Mr. Right
Interview/Published: 8/02/11

Media outlet:
Journalist: Lindsay A. Tigar
Subject: More tips on finding Mr. Right
Interviewed/Published: 7/12/11 

Media outlet: HGTV - The Professional Grade
Location: Television   www.highnoontv.com
Journalist: Ronica Harris, Associate Producer
Subject: Referred homeowners in the Los Angeles area to be cast on reality show
Interview/Published:  6/2011/PENDING
HGTV'S The Professional Grade

Media outlet: Inglewood Today
Location: Newspaper
Journalist: Cynthia Manker, Assistant Editor
Subject: The Professional Black Woman - "Maximizing you tour"
Article/Published:  6/2011
Chantay Bridges - Host for Los Angeles Maximizing you tour
Media outlet: LA Times
Location: Newspaper
Journalist: (Photographer) Al Seib
Subject: Academy Awards 2011: Behind the scenes/Chantay Bridges backstage with Halle Berry
Interview/Published: 2/27/2011   

Media outlet: USA Today
Location: Newspaper (Front Page)
Journalist: (Photographer)
Subject: Chantay Bridges front cover with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson
Interview/Published: 5/26/2007

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Onstage drama and backstage delight at the Academy....




Media outlet: KTLA
Location: leslie@es.tv  /Entertainment Studios
Journalist: Leslie Gant , Associate Producer
Subject: Interesting careers
Interviewed/Published: 5/17/11 /For Career day (Requested to be interviewed w/day to day activities)
TV Show: Careers to profile on nationally-syndicated TV show for kids/teens. Each 30 min episode highlights 5 people with interesting careers; inspiring young viewers to pursue their dream jobs 

Media outlet: Pasadena Journal/San Gabriel Valley News
Location: Newspaper blog
Journalist: Ruthie Hopkins
Subject: Blog comments (Who do you say I am? Are girls too easy today? Sister, can we talk?)
Interview/Published: 5/6/2011 

Media outlet: TLC
Location: Television - Date my house
Journalist: Chad Hillman, Casting director    tvcasting@msn.com
Subject: Cast to appear on show w/ clients (potential homebuyers)
Interview/Published:  4/2008
Last contact infor: Discovery Studios 962 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069
310.734.3493  Chad_Hillman@discovery.com
Media outlet: Eppraisal.com
Posting/Realtor information:

Chantay Bridges, A local Real Estate Agent in Gardena, CA. Clear ...
Chantay Bridges - Gardena, CA Real Estate Agent. Contact Me (requires registration). Chantay Bridges - Real Estate Agent Clear Choice Realty & Associates ...

  Website: Urban Professionals
  Posting/Realtor information:

8 - Urban Professionals
Chantay Bridges Real Estate The best realtor ever in Los Angeles!!! Have real estate needs, contact Chantay right away. "Bridges" taking you to your dreams! ...

  Website: Black Women Connect on-line

Chantay Bridges last night at the Oscars 2011! - BlackWomenConnect.com
Chantay Bridges last night at the Oscars 2011! (4 hits) ... God bless! Posted Tuesday, March 1st 2011 at 1:46AM by: CHANTAY CLARK ...
Featured: The Professional Black Woman
Location:  http://theprofessionalblackwoman.ning.com
Subject: You were featured on The Professional Black Woman
Interview/Published: 4/25/11
From: mail@theprofessionalblackwoman.ning.com
Your profile was just featured on The Professional Black Woman™.

Featured: Black Business Women on-line
Location:  http://mybbwo.com
Subject: You were featured on Black Business Women on-line
Your profile was just featured on Black Business Women on-line